British Columbia Work Sub-Contractor Programs

British Columbia Work Sub-Contractor ProgramsDo you use Sub–Contractors / Services and/or Trades? 

Did you know that if you use Sub–Contractors / Services and/or Trades that you are responsible to have a process to evaluate and/or monitor them? 

Do you know any of the requirements for developing a process to pre – qualify, evaluate and/or monitor your Sub–Contractors / Services and/or Trades?

No, well that’s okay because at Borealis OHS&E Solutions we do and we have developed a program that can be easily used by any company, no matter the size or the number of Sub–Contractors / Services and/or Trades that you use.

We developed the process based on safety association, WCB and OH & S requirements.  In developing this program we developed it so that can be tailored to your organization and used with ease and the ability to assess whether your Sub–Contractors / Services and/or Trades are in compliance within Provincial and Federal regulator standards.

The program includes the following but not limited to:

  • Contractor Compliance Report
  • Contractor H & S Program Evaluation
  • Contractor Post Work Evaluation
  • Site Orientation
  • Sub-Contractor Policy
  • Sub-Contractor Pre-Qualification Questionnaire