Safety Consulting Services for British Columbia

We understand the specific needs of businesses working in the Oil & Gas, Transportation, Construction, Mining, Mineral Exploration and Forestry industries and have a complete knowledge of the 3rd Party pre-qualification process. Borealis OHS&E Solutions is an independently owned company, with no priority other than to help you get approved with 3rd Party pre-qualification providers such as BROWZ, CanQual, ComplyWorks, Contractor Check, ISNetworld®, PEC Premier and Avetta.

That being said, Borealis OHS&E Solutions is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®, ISN®, ISNetworld® and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation®.

Borealis OH&S SolutionsThe 3rd Party pre-qualification organizations provide relevant compliance with active monitoring solutions across a variety of global industries including Oil & Gas, Transportation, Construction, Mining, Mineral Exploration and Forestry industries. Focusing on the three (3) levels of business, the Employer, the Contractor and the Worker, we provide each level with the tools needed to set, manage, monitor and communicate their compliance needs across every aspect of their business.

A large majority of our clients are starting to be required to use third party agencies to review and approve their safety program. Companies such as ISNetworld, Avetta, ComplyWorks and CanQual are leaders in this area of 3rd Party Compliance confirmation and meeting their needs can be overwhelming. We understand the requirements that they are putting on companies and can help you get certified through Safety Questionnaires, RAVS, T-RAVS, & WCB.

We specialize in assisting British Columbia Contractors with all 3rd Party pre-qualification compliance organizations some of our solutions include:

  • Uploading all required documents including insurance, WCB clearance and rate sheets, COR / SECOR document and more.
  • Ensuring that your profile is complete and properly represents your company.
  • Transferring information from any other registries (CanQual or ISNetworld ®) into another therefore saving you valuable time while maintaining consistency throughout the databases.
  • Filling out the pre-qualification questionnaires can be intimidating and time consuming. We can assist you in the submission of this information and help guide you through the online submission process.
  • Often companies need a new Safety Manual or an update to their current manual to become approved. We can make this process easy for you.